During the past several years, the leadership of Armenian religious, political and civil organizations of the Western United States have been engaged in a healthy environment of collaboration. In a spirit of unity, these structures have planned and implemented in the name of our greater community interests, in defense of our rights and demands as Armenian-Americans, and in furtherance of the welfare of Armenia and Artsakh, all the while facing and overcoming any and all challenges collectively.

Undoubtedly, the best and most successful manifestation of the aforementioned collaboration and collective will were the Armenian Genocide Centennial commemorative events, during which the Community witnessed unprecedented collective efforts and results. Parallel to the Centennial commemorative events and in the years succeeding them, the community organizations went on creating several joint working committees on various occasions. The spirit in which these committees operated, further asserted the need for increased joint and collaboration efforts.

Furthermore, It is evident that the Armenian-American Community in the Western United States continues to grow exponentially, as its qualitative reach and abilities expand with each passing day.

Therefore, encouraged by the success of collaborative action, always mindful of the urgency of attaining national unity, and recognizing the necessity of gathering Armenian resources in service of our collective agenda, the signatory entities below have resolved to form a coordinating Council to pursue the Armenian Community’s collective interests, and to further facilitate collaboration amongst them in the future.

The Council is to be known as the “Pan Armenian Council of Western USA.”

The Council was initiated by representatives from the signatory organizations below, which have throughout the years, and each in its own right, gained the support of our Community.

Additionally, other community organizations which desire to be part of this collective effort, and have a minimum of 300 active members, are hereby invited to become members of the Council.

The advisory nature of this Council and its decisions are not binding on any of its member organizations. Thus, the Council’s existence does not confer upon the Council any authority over the activities of its member organizations.

The Council is driven by the principle of securing maximum participation and inclusion of all segments of our community, always mindful of protecting and advancing the principle of collaboration and good faith. Furthermore, the signatory organizations acknowledge the necessity to function in an environment of mutual respect and of compromise.

The mission of the Council is:

•  To implement and realize projects of pan-community nature.

•  To encourage and assist projects which advance the collective interests and the rights Armenian communities across the Western United States.

•  To undertake steps to resist actions and efforts which are contrary to the collective interests and rights of Armenians. 

•  To gather and apply the Armenian Community’s resources for the benefit of the Community’s interests, as well as the welfare of the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh.

•  To always be mindful of the collective health and protection of the Armenian Community.

Active and influential Armenian individuals who have a presence in the community shall be periodically invited, so that they may bring their advisory expertise, or other unique resources, all for the purpose of contributing and promoting the success of the above referenced activities, and for fulfillment of the Council’s objectives.

With the larger principle of inclusiveness guiding us, and with the clear intent of not leaving any organization or individual Armenian out of our collective effort, the Council shall periodically organize community-wide meetings and conferences based on previously set agendas, during which all interested parties shall have the opportunity to address matters of importance to the Community.

Based upon the aforementioned spirit of unity, as well as the above referenced mindset, perspective, and objectives borne out of a spirit of Armenian solidarity, We, organizations and structures of the Western United States, hereby pronounce the commencement of a new and bright journey of collaborative effort and of Armenian unity.

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